Touching individuals and communities



The arts are ‘words spoken’ in multiple forms and shapes, with the ability to create beauty, to discern and uncover injustices. True beauty changes everything; no one can resist Her.


HeartToHard (H2H) is an international arts for social transformation platform. It has the mission to invite and inspire individuals/communities to live, act, speak wholeheartedly and to address structural injustices or personal blocks that prevent them from living a Zoe Life. ‘Zoë ’ is a Greek word, it means ‘life in the absolute sense, life in abundance’. People who live a ‘Zoe life’ know they are loved and are deeply rooted. They also know they are vulnerable, but to acknowledge their vulnerability means to live fully, and to show courage. Their heart is soft, gentle and at peace. Out of the heart’s dignity grows inner strength and fierceness.

HeArttohard aims to bring Art, and Heart (compassion) to places that are hardened and in need to be touched and transformed by Beauty. The mission in based on the belief that intuition and creativity facilitate the growth of imagination, which lays as a dormant seed inside of us. Our focus on ‘hard places’ refers to: parts of our heart’s landscape that are barren; nations that are affected by adversity (e.g. natural hazards/conflict) and where loss and grief left the population with little hope; communities where internal conflicts, discrimination, and social exclusion takes place; or schools were bullying is widespread.



The mission to bring hope, life and awakening to hardened places is currently operationalized through the two head offices in the Netherlands and Hong Kong, and through its affiliates in Kenya, Nepal, and Portland. How?



The arts are words spoken in multiple forms and shapes, with the ability to create beauty, to discern and uncover injustices. True beauty changes everything; no one can resist Her.

When the body moves the mind follows...


[See for information about Zoe Life coaching in Dutch:]


Zoe” means abundant life.
Zoe-coaching aims to provide an inspiring and encouraging place for people to receive healing from physical, emotional and spiritual blockades. A place where they are nourished and build up confidence acknowledging their vulnerability and discovering their strength and courage. A place where the experience they
are wired for struggle but worthy of love and

Powerful expressive woman near water


In coaching, we use expressive arts; five art disciplines dance, drama, music, visual arts, and poetry to help individuals discover themselves through spontaneous art making.  This enables you to understand emotions through art and the creative process.

Each artistic discipline draws on the special strengths to bridge the gap between the here and now and the world of imagination. A professional trained in art and therapy is able to track and follow the non-verbal implications. Then, verbal reflection is used to understand the process and the final art produced. By participating in such artistic activity, you takes part in a healing and growth process that is non-intrusive. “It comes from within, instead of being imposed from outside”.

Expressive Arts coaching allows you to reach into your own sub-conscious at your own speed and level, as opposed to conventional cognitive or linguistic methods. Art therapists/coaches help you reach better judgment, cope with stress, enhance cognitive abilities, maintain better relationships with friends and family, and generally, lead a fuller life.

Within expressive arts, we also work often work in nature.
Coaching in nature is a refreshing new way of coaching. We walk whilst talking and nature will actively be incorporated in each session. Outdoor coaching offers some valuable advantages:

  • Walking in nature helps you to become quiet in your mind. Nature is restful, therefore you will be able to listen better to your inner voice, there where you can find all the answers to your questions.
  • Whilst walking, your body moves. Everything that is stuck in your mind, will more easily start to clear.
  • A conversation that takes place in the open, offers space for moments of silence and reflection. Eye contact is not always necessary. Therefore it will be easier for the client to express issues that are difficult or painful.
  • Outside in nature, you will literally and figuratively move outside your own world and paths. You will step into a new environment, set foot on new tracks, look over new views, discover new horizons. Therefore you will be more easily receptive for new experiences, views and initiatives.

‘Working with symbols will deepen your process of awareness.’

Besides all this, nature offers endless possibilities to work with metaphors and symbols. This will usually cause powerful breakthroughs in your process. A symbol gives you the possibility to place the issue for a moment outside of your head, so you can literally look at it from a distance. This brings you much closer to your feelings and leads invariably to new insights. By making the issue visible, you create a clear anchor. Working with symbols will deepen your process of awareness. You will even notice that the choices and acts, which you experienced so physically, at the end, will be real and lasting.

Nature and its seasons, and natural cycles is also a good place to look at the rhythm of your own life. Do you live a life that suits your natural pace? And does your nutrition and biorhythm support your natural optimal pace of life? If desired you will receive suggestions for a natural way of living.


The possibilities differ from individual sessions (one time, or a trajectory), workshops and courses for groups, and retreats.

In terms of groups and organizations, Zoe coaching provided group sessions for e.g. Young Professional Congress “Impact Network” (NL), student organization “The Navigators” (NL), Health Centre Fitlunetten (NL), Tripple Shape, the Asia Justice Conference (Hong Kong), NGO’s Rainlily, Refugee Organization “Christian Action” and VCSL in Hong Kong.

Most people that come to Zoe coaching for an individual coaching trajectory book 5-7 sessions. One session is one and a half hour. For a price indication you can send an email to

Special expertise

Everyone who wants to live more wholeheartedly is welcome.
Let me give an example of the coach questions organizations and individuals approached Zoe coaching for:

  • Eating disorders
  • Stabilization and stress management (with war traumatized women)
  • Psycho somatic complaints
  • Wish to have a better idea of his/her ‘life purpose
  • Sexual abuse during childhood resulting in current relationship and work related issues
  • Destructive patterns and negative thinking
  • Self-worth and self-image
  • Perfectionism and stress
  • From self-defense to healthy vulnerability and deeper connections
  • Wish to detox (emotionally and physically)

Zoe Life Poem

The Ocean
The Ocean

Streams invite gently.
They ask for flexibility 

Rivers heal and never run dry.

They surprise at times 

The Ocean is wild and has style!

Its the hearts-well inside fully alive

in dialogue with The Well outside
Its a calling back and forth
# up to which level do you allow The Ocean to awaken you?
# do you dare to become like water: flexible, wild, and abundant?

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain. Every storm has an Eye. A resting place. Intuition and creativity help us to find this Eye of the storm and to move within Its coverage. In Him, the Creator of it all, we find our resting place.



Below you’ll find the weekly events, upcoming and past events.



Expressive arts group for ethnic minorities women

Topic: “Women’s Well-being” for refugee women. 8-10 week course, with one of Hong Kong’s Non-Governmental Organizations.







Coaching - Heart2HardCoaching

Individual and group expressive arts coaching (continuously).






2016 – Fall/Winter

Hong Kong

10- 21 December Yoga x Pilates x Detox 4 Movers
The class will be a mix of strengthening pilates exercise specifically for the dancers body, yoga & bodywork/massage focused on detox and cleansing, guided reflection through creative assignments. good vibes and lots of encouragement.4 classes (drop in for just 1 also ok) based on donation

10/17 December 11 – 12.30 am
14 December 10.30-12.00 am
21 December morning or evening depending on the groups wishes

More info:
Or email


23 November – Reinventing Home Masterclass

HKNLversations art director Marloes van Houten teaches a masterclass to the year 1-3 dance students of the Utrecht Dance Academy.

15/16/17 DecemberINSTINCT: Premier Performance

Three dancers go to extreme lengths in an eddy of live electronic music as primal instincts come to the fore. They literally surround the audience. Allow yourself to be carried along to the ‘primordial heart’ of our existence. Visceral human and animal movement unravels into dance before our eyes. Evolution in reverse order; everything seems connected.

Theatre Kikker, Utrecht, The Netherlandsiris-van-peppen_instinct_nieuw


Past events


14707974_10211135864337738_4575116112816417039_o16 October & 29 November – solo performance SPEAK

The solo performance SPEAK was originally made for the Justice Conference Asia and later also performed at the i-dance festival in Hong Kong
The performance reflects on injustices we face, be it in relationships, or of systems we are part of. The mixed feelings of tiredness, shielding self, and getting
up and stepping out even when feeling incapable.

See here for the artistic statement, credits and video


15-19 August: INSTINCT – Movement research & guest workshop
Summer Intensive “Instinct” movement research, with a guest workshop of Hong Kong dance artist Ivy Tsui.


Expressive Arts Therapy Group
for African and South Asian refugee women
Organization: Christian Action & Rainlily (Hong Kong)

Spring 2016 – Short film “INSTINCT”
The “INSTINCT” short film will be shown at Cinedans.


Peer to Pier – Hong Kong

January – March

Hong Kong Artist in Residency preparation.

January – February

Part-time artist in residency: “Death/life rituals in intercultural perspective”
An artist in residency initiated by local theatre director Ho Ying Fung and curator Joanna Lee.
Devisors: SunHee Kim (Korea), Sze Ka Yan (HK), Fiona Zhou (CH/HK), Ara Cho (Korea), Jan Wong, Marloes van Houten (NL/HK).

More info:

12 & 13 January – Good Morning Class

Time: 10.30-12 am @ CCDC

9 January – Performance & “Meeting the Artist”

With Iris van Peppen and Marloes van Houten @WING Platform for Performance.
Time: 7-10 pm

7 – 13 January

Open Artist in Residency, performance & workshops by Dutch choreographer Iris van Peppen coming to Hong Kong.

More info:

10 December – A curated diner experience `the Gift`

Description: Inspired by Makoto Fujimura’s Christmas eve event for the artists in Tokyo, we’re planning for a special evening for our IAM community in Hong Kong.
Come join us as we celebrate the gift of Christmas by experiencing the spirit of giving and serving one another through a unique culinary experience specially designed by food lover, curator and columnist Edward Yip ( who’ll elevate the everyday to something of delight and surprise. Artist Marloes Van Houten [] will also present a performative reading reflecting on “the gift”.
Organizer: AIMHK –
Event page:
Time and place:
7.30 – 9.30 PM
MUSE at Hotel Stage
Basement, 1 Chi Wo Street
Jordan, Kowloon

Re-inventing Home - Outdoor Re-inventing Home - Outdoor Re-inventing Home - Outdoor7 – 22 November 2015: @i-dance festival

We perform, give worshops and speak as part of the i-dance festival.

9 November evening: Workshop The Junction & Marloes & David
10 November morning: Workshop: The Junction & Henk Kraaijeveld
12 November evening: Workshop Gary Swart & Marloes van Houten
15 November 12-4 pm: Kam Tin dancing all around performance
16 November evening: “Meet the artist” (David & Marloes tell about the HK-NL project)
22 November 12-4 pm: Kam Tin dancing all around performance
4-6 pm: Improvisation Land 61 performance

More info:…/20…/09/iDance-2015-Catalog-re-s.pdf

Flyer Forge Portmanteau28 October, 8 pm: “Forge Portmanteau”

Multidisciplinary performance with German-Dutch flutist Mark Alban Lotz. Residency of the Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 24 Mount Cameron Rd, Wanchai Gap.

Tickets through:

26 October 2015

What: Hilarity Ensues with Mark (Nl) and Sze (HK).
When: 8 pm
Where: Focal Fair, 28/F, Park Avenue Tower, 5 Moreton Terrace, Causeway Bay.
Description: See

9 October 2015

What: Presentation and workshop at the International Expressive Arts Therapy Conference THE FLOWING TAO OF EXPRESSIVE ARTS.
When: 2.30/5.30 pm
Where: Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village – Address: No. 2, On Chun Street, Ma On Shan, Shatin, N.T.
Description: See

August 28 – September 1, 2015

What: International Performing Arts Conference (PSi 2015 Tohoku).
Description: Beyond contamination. Corporeality, Spirituality and Pilgrimage in Northern Japan.
Where: Northern Japan

22 August 2015

What: Public Showing Instinct Intensive (free entrance)
When: 17.00 – 18.00
Studio 3, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3 Utrecht, The Netherlands
Artistic direction: Iris van Peppen
Dance: Stefania Attila Stipa, Joana Borges Agustin Gonzalez Marloes van Houten Ilse Evers Lina Fuhrmann Cristina
Live music: Marc Alexander Nukoop For 7 days participants have been exploring and working with instinctive movement. Starting with somatic principles such as the releasing of the head and neck, opening our subconscious through abandoning. And using principles of BMC such as arterial flow (blood circulation), tissue pump. The outcome will be presented at this public showing. The INSTINCT intensive has been musically engaged with composer Marc Nukoop….

20 August 2015

What: Instinct LABS (free entrance)
When: 19.00, 19.30 start – 22.00
Where: Studio 3, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3 Utrecht, The Netherlands During the INSTINCT ORR I will open up the studio space for the INSTINCT participants to share their own expertise related to this intensive. These are called the INSTINCT LABS and it’s open for everyone to join and free of charge. THE FIRST LAB TO BE ANNOUNCED IS ON THURSDAY AUGUST 20, WALK IN FROM 19.00, START 19.30- 22.00 O’CLOCK LED BY MARLOES VAN HOUTEN & SUPPORTED BY FLUTIST MARK LABAN LOTZ. Marloes van Houten will be sharing in this LAB a visual presentation and take you along in some interdisciplinary art explorations related to a project called ‘re-inventing home’ that she has started in Hong Kong with local choreographer & dance artist David Leung, and an interdisciplinary group of artists. On Re…

July 2015

Description: Phd writing retraite. Attending a Contact Improvisation Dance festival in Taitung, Taiwan: Facebook event

1467305_10152918428546863_2126120876381383533_nJune 23, 2015

What: Interdisciplinary artistic on-site match-making workshop III  “Delving into Liminality”.
Where: Shui Tau Tsuen (specific location will follow).
match making workshop to build up an HK artistic team/family that will gather every Saturday, 3-7 pm (sometimes with food) to share life, dance, sing, write poetry with each other  & to work toward an onsite performance in the fall 2015 and a bigger one in 2016. The Reinventing Home project with our HK team, will be part of a bigger two year artistic exchange with the Netherlands (Dansimprovisatie Contemporary Dance Platform: DI Utrecht & Amsterdam & Hearttohard, Expodium), and Hong Kong Centre For Community Cultural Development). The collaboration will focus on the theme transformation: from deconstruction to reconstructing a place/space/body known as home.
More info about the project:
More info on the workshop: or send an e-mail to

11612_10205609978154037_964463608380802775_n (1)May 30, 2015

What: Interdisciplinary artistic on-site match-making workshop II  “Delving into Liminality”.
Where: Shui Tau Tsuen (specific location will follow).
Description: match making workshop to build up an HK artistic team/family that will gather every Saturday, 3-7 pm (sometimes with food) to share life, dance, sing, write poetry with each other  & to work toward an onsite performance in the fall 2015 and a bigger one in 2016. The Reinventing Home project with our HK team, will be part of a bigger two year artistic exchange with the Netherlands (Dansimprovisatie Contemporary Dance Platform: DI Utrecht & Amsterdam &Hearttohard, Expodium), and Hong Kong Centre For Community Cultural Development). The collaboration will focus on the theme transformation: from deconstruction to reconstructing a place/space/body known as home. More info about the project:
More info on the workshop: or send an email to



The Justice Conference AsiaApril 30 – May 2, 2015

What: The Justice Conference Asia.
Where: The Vine Centre, Hong Kong
Description: Panelist and workshop leader ‘arts and restoration’.
Workshop title: A body of (in)justice.
Workshop synopsis: This workshop questions how history is written as a cartography on the ‘landscape’ of our body? More specifically I will share how an inter-modal/cross cultural four headed team of professionals used the arts to work with a group of refugee women in The Vine in discovering how their body landscape is affected by a lack of justice and how to release some of the negative imprints. We will also explore what the role of (Christian) spirituality is in the artistic inquiry into the body of (in)justice. Beside sharing, we will go into practice together and experience some of the intermodal art (movement, music, visual art and poetry) assignments employed while working with the refugee women.
More info:

hiK53A8883April 25, 2015

What: Match-making workshop I “Delving into Liminality”
Where: Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Studio 4, 4/F
Description: Match making workshop to build up an HK artistic team/family that will gather every Saturday, 3-7 pm (sometimes with food) to share life, dance, sing, write poetry with each other & to work toward an onsite performance in the fall 2015 and a bigger one in 2016. The project with our HK team, will be part of a bigger two year artistic exchange with the Netherlands (Dansimprovisatie Contemporary Dance Platform: DI Utrecht & Amsterdam &Hearttohard, Expodium), and Hong Kong Centre For Community Cultural Development). The collaboration will focus on the theme transformation: from deconstruction to reconstructing a place/space/body known as home. More info about the project: register at and rsvp at the fb event

Vier de lente - Dans expressie evenementMarch 27 – March 29, 2015

What: Vier de lente.
Where: Egmond-binnen, Netherlands
Description: Dance & Expression. Excerpt from the event (see link for more info on the weekend and programm): Jij bent van harte welkom bij dit prachtig weekend van Dansklooster Yeah in samenwerking met Marloes van Houten.. en nog velen meer… De lente is nog maar een week oud en de zomertijd klopt al op de deur… Voorzichtig staan we er voor klaar om weer open te bloeien, het licht binnen te laten. In dit weekend zoeken we naar de balans tussen pril ontluiken en onbezonnen levensenergie.
More info:

March 26, 2015

What: Carpet Session. heme: De-structuring towards home – exchange session with Hong Kong.
Description: Facilitating a dance and music instant composition research session.
More info:

March 21, 2015

What: Masterclass.
Where: Kockengen (The Netherlands)
Description: Teaching a masterclass for the BalletBarre Workout instructors in training. East & West are meeting. We will switch from a primary focus on muscle toning to bring flow and breath into our balletbarre workout.
More info:

Does It MatterMarch 17-19, 2015

What: Does It Matter.
Where: Ghent University
More info:




Improvisational Movement Research - workshopMarch 8, 2015

What: Improvisational Movement Research – workshop
Where: Shui Tau, Hong Kong
Description: Excerpt form the event (see link): Being Motion (Irene Sposetti) and Hearttohard (Marloes van Houten) are offering a one day workshop. The workshop is inspired by the concept and international dance collaboration project ‘de-structuring towards home’. More information about this concept/project you can find below in ‘background information’.
More info:


Postgraduate salon for the artsMarch 2, 2015

What: Postgraduate Forum for the Arts.
Where: LKK G05, Social & Academic Forum of Arts
Description: After presenting “home” an international dance research collaboration between NL, Hong Kong and Japan, I will open up a dialogue with the Salon for the Arts participants on the following two questions:

  1. How to translate art research material, like movement, into narrative writing for an academic public. Is it possible to document kinetic knowledge? What gets lost in the translation, and which new elements might we discover when having to deal with translating material from one means to another.
  2. Researcher vs artist needs – How to approach the differences in routes take to get to an end result by the researcher and artists when working together.An example: an artist might work with a general concept, and then needs all the artistic freedom to go into the creative chaos to let things emerge from there. The researcher, even when an artist him/herself has to build a conceptual framework, outline research questions and problems and might have a specific time line. In the artist perspective, the researcher presses his/her agenda/framework on him/her before he/she can let things come and develop from a physical place when creating…

Dec 27, 2014 – January 15, 2015

What: Teaching and performance tour in NL as part of a two year dance collaboration/research between Hong Kong and NL.
Where: Several places, for example at the HQ arts school, at health centre fitlunetten, as the Danskerk, and for Sadhana Dance company.

hiK53A8531StOBJanuary 10, 2015

What: Movement masterclass.
Where: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Time: 11 am – 4 pm
More info:




January 11, 2015

What: short work in progress performance.
Where: Moira, Wolvenstraat 10, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Time: 4.30 pm
More info: & &

December 6, 2014

What: “Improvisation Land 50”.
Closing performance following a week of dance research.
Where: Y-space, Kwai Fong, Hong Kong
Time: 8 pm
More info:

hiK53A8853December 5, 2014

What: Body Nuance workshop co-facilitator for the i-dance festival together with KaNang David Leung.
Where: Y-space, Kwai Fong, Hong Kong
Time: 7 pm
More info:




December 1-5, 201410425477_739767286072787_5521731377669598081_n

What: Researcher for the i-dance research week.
Where: Y-space, Kwai Fong, Hong Kong
More info:





September 18-21, 2014StOB

What: Performance “The Second Tower of Babel. Butoh in Kowloon Walled City”.
Where: Kowloon City, Hong Kong
Description: Post World War II, the Kowloon Walled City was run by triad gangs and has been referred to as ‘City of Darkness’and ‘Babel’, it has inspired artists and writers ever since. Butoh dance seems a natural fit to research the site. It is the polar opposite of elaborate and beautiful dance performances, preferring to focus on inadequacies and the effects of trauma.

KWCWhat lessons can we learn from our history and mythology? Through this dance performance we expect to raise public awareness of the past history of concern. And start a dialogue that goes beyond a historical recreation of the  Kowloon Walled City, where we also draw upon our own yearnings and courage with regards to ‘survival’ and ‘self-governance’.
For more info: # Co-presented by the Asian People’s Theatre Festival Society, The Third Butoh Butoh Festival and Wangnin Bunmei.



ResilientSeptember 25-27, 2014

What: 1st Conference of the European Association for Dance Movement Therapy.
Where: Riga, Latvia
Description: The First EADMT conference aims to promote communication and diversification of ideas and practice within the European Dance Movement Therapy community. We invite Dance Movement Therapists practicing in Europe to present their work and discuss and reflect on it with colleagues. The Conference theme is “Resilience within a changing world”.
More info:


September 30 – October 3, 2014

What: Research case study presentation & teaching.
Where: HQ Arts School, Arts in Mission trajectory, Veenendaal, The Netherlands.
Description: Presenting one of the case studies of my PhD research on “The Second Tower of Babel”, a butoh dance project in an Hong Kong area formerly known as “the city of darkness” or “Babel”. Through dance & music the project wants to raise public awareness of the past history of concern. What are the lessons can we learn from our history and mythology? And the project aims to start a dialogue that goes beyond a historical recreation of the Kowloon Walled City, where we also draw upon our own yearnings and courage with regards to ‘survival’ and ‘self-governance’. Furthermore, I will lay the foundation for the Arts in Mission education trajectory, by teaching on how the arts can be:

July-August 2014

What: Summer stop.
Description: Only the weekly movement classes and the individual coaching trajectories will continue.

work heart, play hardJune 27-29, 2014

What: Inspirator, Performer, workshop leader & Coach ‘Wholehearted Living’ @ Impact Congres 2014.
Where: De Beukenhof in Biezenmortel, bij Tilburg.
Description: The impact congres is a conference focused on young professionals. The theme of this year is ‘Work Heart, Play Hard”. Our heart is that what moves us, what gives us life, and its the place where God wants to meet us. Its our human source of life, and the ‘organ’ with which we feel and experience love. Work heart, play hard is about how to live wholeheartedly, when focused on work, relationship building and on doing fun and relaxing things.
More info:

June 6, 2014Selfcare

What: Expressive arts women group.
Free store (weggeefwinkel), Camera Obscuradreef, Utrecht
Time: 9.30- 11.30 am
Description: Together with Emily Fidela, an expressive art therapist that works in the Middle East hearttohard will run an expressive arts session on ‘beauty and self-care’ for women of different nationalities that are all attending a weekly creative cafe organized for them. Self-care means paying attention to your needs and taking positive steps to look after yourself, emotionally and physically, when times are tough.





June 6-9, 2014

What: Stage and performance coaching @ Opwekking.
Where: Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands
Description: Coaching the HQ Art School students while they present and perform at a summer festival Giving 2 workshops on Storytelling & Identity.

May 30, 2014

What: Seminar ‘Art & Dialogue in the Neighbourhood’.
Where: Overhoop, Camera Obscuradreef 120, Utrecht
Time: 7.30 pm
Description: One session out of a triptych on ‘Art in the Neighbourhood’. This session will focus on how art can be a means to initiate dialogue and build connections between conflicting parties or groups that have no contact with each other. I was invited to facilitate this session on behalf of my work as a Project Leader Arts in Mission at the HQ school, and as a member of the living community ‘Overhoop’.
More info:

Stop working and start livingMay 29, 2014

What: Workshop ‘Stop working, start living’.
Vivendo, Navigator Student Group, Utrecht
Description: In this workshop we will explore how to live and work from a place of dependency and rest in God. Two specific questions on which we will focus are:

  1. How about stop working, and starting to live an Godly, abundant life?
  2. And how to make such an idea practical?


PUURMay 23, 2014 – PUUR: The Next Step

What: Modern dance solo performance.
City Life Church, Ottone, Kromme nieuwegracht 62, Utrecht
Description: PUUR is a big event for women only. The theme will be ‘The Next Step’. Are you ready to move from the DREAM phase and to make the next step? There will be a summer fair, live performances, an inspirational talk and a dance party to close with.
More info:


Vulnerability courageApril 15, 2014

What: Workshop ‘Vulnerability & Connection’.
Young Adult group, Utrecht
Description: In this workshop we will learn how God reacts to our vulnerability exposed, and how we can facilitate when feeling vulnerable. Healthy vulnerability in relationships deepens the connection. We will close with a ‘gratitude-assignment’ to practice giving and receiving vulnerability in relationships. Vulnerability is the most accurate measure of courage. It is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change! It is the place where Gods grace-kiss softens and strengthens us, and turns the ? light ? on in our shame-valley, failure-dale, insecurity-hollow. To remind us of who He is, and who we are when fully alive!
More info:!/events/256595541194888/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

Silence Solitude Final - Marloes van HoutenApril 13, 2014 – Silence and Solitude

What: Palm Sunday’s Performance-Talk ‘Silence and Solitude’ (NL: Voor het eggie).
Vechtclub, Utrecht
Description: With dance, story telling and images the public will be drawn into their own inner landscape. A search for authenticity and vulnerability towards Self, others and God.
Questions that will be explored:

  1. If and how can Silence and Solitude facilitate us to come to a place of stillness and authenticity?
  2. How to accommodate others in their vulnerability, so that they feel safe and lifted?
  3. What is the relevance of ‘grace’ when you hit the hidden dust and mud corners of your heart?

More info:


De Baak 2

March 24-27, 2014

What: Co-facilitating a silence retraite for the HQ art school students.
Where: Landgoed Baak, Baak
Description: the 4 day silence retraite had the aim to introduce the art students to silence. They had to hand in their phones, and participated in nature & creative rituals which facilitated them to experience silence and to go deeper spiritually.




WomenVoicesMarch 8, 2014

What: Inspirator International Women’s Day.
Bussum, the Netherlands
Description: An assignment to deliver a poem on the theme ‘Women Voices’.
More info:










Grace for the good girlFebruary 12, 2014

What: Workshop “Perfect Imperfection & Rest in Him”.
Women group, Utrecht
Description: In this workshop, we look at the nature and arousing beauty of our femal soul (see We will also explore how this female soul the space it needs to be fully alive: how to embrace our imperfections and develop mildness towards Self. The writings of Emily Freeman, Brene Brown and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross will guide us in this journey. The second part will be about Gods reaction towards our vulnerabilities and imperfection. The song Beautiful Things of the band Gungor, the bible texts Psalm 3: 5, 6 ; Hosea 2; Psalm 18 will be sources of inspiration. When we grasp with our heart who He is, and are able be mild towards Self, our heart will be in peace and operate from there.

9-12 December 2013

What: Dialogue Facilitator at the Synergized Earth Network Summit.
Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg, Netherlands
Description: The official themes of the summit are Past, Present & Future, and they will serve as a framework for uniting and facilitating leaders and change agents across generations from around the world to tackle the most pressing social, economic and ecologic challenges of our time through committed action and sharing knowledge between and across generations. The aim of the summit is to facilitate as much Intergenerational and Cross-sectorial dialogue, exchange and collaboration as possible as the program includes plenary sessions, keynote speeches, and plenty of group sessions to connect, collaborate and co-create. SEN summit
More info
: &

12 November 2013

What: Workshop on Rest.
Adesse, female student Navigator fellowship, Utrecht Talk/Workshop on “Rest”
Description: If we know who God is, and how much we can trust Him… If we know who we as women are, what our inherent value is…. Resting becomes easy. The need to want to arrange, control and demand loses its grip. Through stories, movement and prayer we explored what our relationship is with ‘rest & stillness’.
More information:

Strong women2 November 2013

What: Workshop “Move Like Eve”.
Sisterhood day, Utrecht.
Description: Through movement, drawing and story telling we will explore the messages we received about our value as women. Are the words and ideas you internalized the ones and Your Royal Husband approves with? The journey we will make can be fun, confrontational and great learning opportunity.
More info:





YIA GeorgiaOctober 2013

What: Course director and senior trainer.
Gori, Georgia (Caucasus)
Description: Youth in Action (EU) Training entitled “Democracy: Majority Rules?”. 25 Youth participants from (I)NGO’s all over Europe participated. Introduction: Ethnic, religious and cultural diversity all have the potential to create a challenge for society. Minorities of every kind may see themselves excluded from participating in parts of political or everyday life. This challenge is especially great for countries or regions where there is little experience with democracy as a system of governance. One such region is the Southern Caucasus. Main problems: Development of a stable democratic governmental system. Assuring social and political participation among all different social groups. Project description: This project we will broaden the scope of participating nationalities. In a wide range of training sessions the participants viewed social and political issues from a different perspective than their own. In this way, mutual or even specific problems were explained and understood by members of various social groups. This experience can in turn be used in order to promote mutual understanding among representatives of different cultures and nationalities. This, ultimately, creates a platform that can be utilized to discuss and resolve outstanding issues.
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7-12 August 2013

What: Course Director & Teacher at the International Summerschool ‘Creative Peace and Human Rights Education’.
University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Description: You will get an understanding of the potential of creative peace and human rights education, both as a content and as a methodology. As a student/professional you will build up knowledge, skill-sets and critical awareness that make it possible to recognize different types of violence. You will be motivated and trained to employ the arts and education as non-violent catalyzers for social change. The summer school will offer a mix of academic theory (knowledge and reflection) and practical applications (skill building activities, platform for participants to exchange experiences, and examples of practitioners how to put the PE/HRE theory into action). You will be challenged to develop your own body of knowledge and opinions, which can help to position yourself within the context you are part of.
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31 May 2013

What: PhD topic defense & progress seminar.
Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Description: A presentation to report on the progress made during last year, concerning my PhD research. My research question is focused on how movement, imagery and nature can play part in the journey of women, who suffered from violence, to re- and new- discover their identity and give voice to it. And, secondly to reconcile with, and reconnect to, others and the state. Phd research defense

GuangzhouMay 2013

What: Dance Movement Trauma Therapy Training.
Guangzhou, China
Description: Zvika Frank, a renowned and experienced dance movement therapist has been working in China for some years now. I joined him as a researcher and training assistant when he gave a 4 day intensive in South West China.

The portal of healing and creativity always takes us into the realm of the spirit.
Art opens the closets, airs out the cellars and attics. It brings healing.

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